11.01.2011  Hello Planet Earth!

There is life out there! Planetkat spotted again aligning with our solar system...

24.07.2008  Kat @ War Club

Tomorrow, Friday July 25, I am playing Buenos Aires' legendary War Club... After celebrating my proverbial comeback in the beautiful Meridion last Friday playing a very tasteful and sophisticated reduced set, I am going more down the Berlin route of things... Click HERE for more info!

01.06.2008  ABRE FAC - Planetkat Exhibit

FAC, the smallest gallery space in the world, is finally open. Holdings its first ever exposition in its inside space, "Abre" shows the works of four blossoming artists living and working in Buenos Aires. Aggressive, cowboy boots-clad, crazy dogs, arses to die for, mystic remedies of the soul, and gallillions of (a)musing momentary glimpses of transience!!! Yes! That's right. Planetkat is four metres high and one wide strip of contacts covering the walls and ceiling, and that's not nearly all of it. CLICK here for more info!

18.05.2008  Time Keeps On Slippin Into The Future...

While I am trying to hunt some crocodiles down at the cold cold river of life... jobs come and go and interesting people float into my life or leave me behind. Trying to catch the drift. I have vivid dreams and a new haircut, finally learning how to play the bass. And I got some new pics up... Read on by clicking HERE.

02.03.2008  Welcome Back To Planetkat!

Totally necessary: a quick update! No, I am not dead, useless, lazy, incapable! I am here, as always, watchin' the world from behind the scenes. Thinking. Creating. Moving and shaking, mingling with the crazy, and keeping it surreal of course. Full of good thoughts. You know me. So what has really happened since my return to Buenos Aires? Read on by clicking HERE.
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